Who is Christopher Huang?

Christopher Huang was born in Singapore, where he lived out the first seventeen years of his life. He moved to Canada in the expectation of cooler weather, returning to Singapore the following year to serve his two years of National Service in the Singapore Army. He studied architecture at McGill University, and lived the next twenty-odd years in Montreal. He now lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he has yet to find a proper jar of real, actual Bovril.

A longtime fan of the principles of fair play governing the mystery genre, he thinks of detective stories as an early form of interactive fiction. He is, of course, very fond of modern interactive fiction as well.

With his Breakfast Reviews, he has been comparing the entries of the annual Interactive Fiction Competition to various forms of breakfast since 2009.

Despite all claims by automated search engines, he is not the author of any medical textbooks. That’s someone else.

Why Ricordius?

I chose Ricordius as my domain name for one reason only: so that my email address can be mise (at) ricordius (dot) com. Misericordius, or Miseri, is the handle by which I am known on multiple platforms, unless someone else got there first. So the real question is, why Misericordius?

My Chinese given name is Xinqun: Xin meaning heart, and Qun meaning herd, group, or collective. You might translate it as Lotsaheart, making me a literal Care Bear; or you might translate it as the love of the common people, which I am absolutely claiming as a personal anthem. I choose to translate it as compassion; in Latin, misericordia; and because I identify as male ... misericordius.

(Actually, as it turns out, misericordius is the neuter form of the adjective misericordior, but it's a bit too late to be rethinking my identity now.)