Christopher Huang



Sir Lawrence Linwood’s will ends on a remarkable clause: if he should die by unnatural causes, his estate will be awarded to whichever of his three adopted children successfully identifies his killer.

Published 2023 by Inkshares.

When his London club’s newest member becomes the victim of what appears to be a gentlemen’s wager gone wrong, Eric Peterkin must battle a series of cover-ups to correct an even older injustice.

Published 2018 by Inkshares.

Interactive Fiction

You’ve got it made as a successful TV personality, but it turns out your reclusive twin is really the city’s masked vigilante hero. What do you do when they’re captured, and everyone thinks it’s you?

Published 2017 by Choice Of Games.


Reviewing the games of the Annual Interactive Fiction Competition from 2009 to 2019.


Biography and contact information.